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MeltMed® Rings in the Holidays with Reduced Pricing and New NAD+ Starter Packs

2023/12/4 15:21:55

NEW YORK, Dec. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- MeltMed®, an innovative wellness brand revolutionizing the way consumers experience nutraceuticals, is spreading holiday cheer with exciting price reductions on its signature products, Regenerate NAD+ supplement and Radiance Glutathione supplement. MeltMed® is pleased to announce that Regenerate and Radiance are now available at the special prices of $139 and $79 for a single unit of 30 dissolvable wafers, respectively.  

MeltMed® is also introducing all-new Regenerate NAD+ Starter Packs for new users to embark on NAD supplementation in the most effective manner, at an exceptional value. The Regenerate Starter Pack provides a $556 USD value priced at just $278 USD, representing savings of 50%. MeltMed® products are available for online purchase through the MeltMed® website.

First introduced in the U.S. this September, the key ingredient in MeltMed®'s Regenerate is NAD+. Also known as the "molecule of youth", NAD+ is an essential molecule that supports vitality, healthy aging and improves cellular energy and repair, among other functions.

Utilizing the proprietary, breakthrough WaferiX technology, which safely delivers active compounds via the oral mucosal membrane under the tongue, MeltMed® products allow for increased absorption and effectiveness. These products offer a convenient and more economical alternative to the IV infusions that have become popular for boosting levels of NAD+, an important molecule our bodies naturally produce.

Starter Pack Facts

As cells use up NAD in ongoing metabolic processes, it is crucial to consistently supplement to maintain optimal levels and experience long-term benefits. MeltMed®'s Regenerate daily NAD+ supplement offers an effective and convenient way to supplement NAD for sustained well-being.

"The holiday season is a great time to shop for items that promote youthful energy, especially when running around with kids on winter break," said Megan Jewett, Business Development Manager, MeltMed®. "This time of year can be as stressful as it is joyous, so MeltMed is proud to offer convenient enhancements with the key wellness ingredient of NAD+ to help folks feel rejuvenated and vibrant from the inside out."

All Meltmed® products are formulated by an in-house team of scientific experts; they are manufactured and tested under stringent Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)-approved Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) conditions in its wholly-owned facility in Melbourne, Australia. MeltMed® is a wholly owned subsidiary of iX Biopharma Ltd, a specialty pharmaceutical and nutraceutical company listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited.

To purchase products and for more information about MeltMed®, visit

About MeltMed®

MeltMed® offers a range of supplement products designed to fight aging at the source. Together with a holistic strategy of diet, exercise and rest, our supplements help you to achieve your best life and become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself. MeltMed® products are made using the innovative WaferiX technology and proprietary freeze-dry manufacturing process. Learn more at


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